michelin & Goodyear national accounts

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Experienced Mechanics

Our mechanics have over 40 years of experience between them. They are dedicated to providing high-quality repairs to keep you on the road. We come to your rig on the side of the road 24 hours a day.


24/7 365 days a year ERS

We provide 24/7 emergency roadside repair and assistance 365 days a year. To help you meet your schedule. Emergency roadside service. truck repair radiator repair semi truck repair


Michelin and Goodyear National Accounts

 Michelin and Goodyear tires in stock. Our mechanics  only use parts from reputable sources to ensure that your vehicle is always ready to drive. Name brand tires from Michelin, Good Year and ATD, retreads from Michelin, Jacks Tire & Oil and Idaho Retread.


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Ben's Truck Repair

5960 Hwy 30, Huntington, OR 97907, US

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24/7 365 days a year